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Artifact Security Registration

Artifact security registration is available through the gallery prior to ownership transfer. This revolutionary service adds a layer of security to the artifact, enhancing the value of your experience and relationship with the artifact and its relationship to the gallery.

Prior to transfer, the artifact will be marked using a high-tech process that renders the mark undetectable to the human eye within nature.

The same undetectable marking will be encoded on the gallery registration certificate that you receive as well as the corresponding certificate that is held and maintained by the gallery.

This fruition of process is what enables the gallery to authenticate the artifact and gallery registration certificate in the future.

Should the need arise to authenticate and verify the artifact and its accompanying certificate in the future, simply deliver both the artifact and registration certificate to the gallery.

The technology within our laboratory will then be used to perform the validation process which will read the mark from both the artifact and certificate, then process the result for comparison up against the gallery’s version of the certificate maintained in our vault.

Upon completion of the process, assuming all three validate, you will be provided with a certificate of security authentication stamped with the date and time the process was performed along with the return of your artifact and its certificate of registration.

The gallery also provides this security registration process as well as the post process validation to galleries and museums, in addition to collectible and artifact holding and display agencies through our security registration partner company.

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